Audio Interviews

Click the play button below to listen to key figures in the world of sexuality. Each interview provides perspectives from people who have acquired either comprehensive or uniquely specialized knowledge about sexual behavior.

Mike Stabile

Mike Stabile was a spokesperson for, an Internet pornography company that focuses on the production of materials for those who prefer BDSM and other related sexualities. This position put in him a position of advocacy for alternative sexualities in which he assisted efforts to raise social awareness about the positive aspects of kink sexualities.  He was instrumental in facilitating in becoming one of very few adult websites that provides access to researcher and the public.  Mr. Stabile is also a film maker and producer.

Discussion Questions:

  1. What are the most popular Kink’s sites? What do these preferences reveal about sexual preferences, in general?
  2. In general, men are believed to access porn much more often than women. What does do to attract female audiences?
  3. According to Mike Stabile, what are some characteristics of people who enjoy BDSM sexuality?