Chapter 2: Measuring Your Variables: Reliability and Validity

2.1. In Example 1 you met a summated scale intended to measure peoples’ ‘general experience/competence regarding preparation of fish’. In planning the same project, the following items were suggested for measuring ‘experience/competence regarding cooking of fish dishes’:

43. When I prepare fish dishes, I prefer to use a cookery book.

44. When I prepare fish dishes, I often think I fail.

45. I like to prepare complicated fish dishes (NB: the notion of ‘complicated’ to be interpreted by the respondent him/herself).

46. When I prepare fish dishes, I prefer dishes that are easily and quickly cooked.

47. Preparing fish dishes gives me the possibility of using my abilities as a cook.

48. I have many different dishes to choose from when serving fish.

49. When I am to prepare fish dishes, I stick to dishes that I know well so that I am sure to succeed.

50. I think I know too few fish dishes to alternate between.

Do an item analysis (reliability analysis) on this scale using IBM SPSS Statistics software.

Use data Fish1.sav