Chapter 7: The Measurement Model in SEM: Confirmatory Factor Analysis

7.1. Judge the qualities of the scale from Example 2.1 by using confirmatory factor analysis, and compare the results of your analysis with the results from traditional reliability analysis (Example 2.1) and exploratory factor analysis (Example 3.3).

7.2. Do a confirmatory factor analysis using the data from Exercise 2.1 and compare the results.

7.3. Do a confirmatory factor analysis on the data used in Example 3.4.

7.4. Pickering and Vazsonyi (Criminal Justice and Behavior, Vol. 37 No. 1, January 2010 97–118) in their efforts to answer the question: Does family process mediate the effect of religiosity on adolescent deviance? proposed the following model:


Taking the model as a point of departure, discuss the problems with reflexive and formative indicators.