SAGE Journal Articles

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A recent study looking the ways in which interactions between mothers and infants relates to later language development:
Wu, Z., & Gros-Louis, J. (2014). Infants’ prelinguistic communicative acts and maternal responses: Relations to linguistic development. First Language, 34(1), 72-90.

A recent study investigating relations between theory of mind and children’s pragmatic language skills:
Fernández, C. (2013). Mindful storytellers: Emerging pragmatics and theory of mind development, First Language, 33(1), 20-46.

A study looking at relations between specific language impairment and reading difficulties:
Isoaho, P., Kauppila, T., & Launonen, K. (2015). Specific language impairment (SLI) and reading development in early school years. Child Language Teaching and Therapy, 32(2), 147-157.