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A recent study on prematurity and parental bonding which has found that prematurity does necessarily lead to difficulties in the formation of a bond between parents and infants:
Hoffenkamp, H. N., Tooten, A., Hall, R. A. S., Croon, M. A., Braeken, J., Winkel, F. W., van Bakel, H. J. A. (2012). The impact of premature childbirth on parental bonding. Evolutionary Psychology, 10(3), 542-561.

A qualitative study using drawings as a means of investigating children’s concepts of health and illness:
Mouratidi, P. S., Bonoit, F., & Leondari, A. (2015). Children’s perceptions of illness and health: An analysis of drawings. Health Education Journal, 75(4), 434-447.

An overview of childhood and adolescent injuries and their risk factors:
Kirkwood, G., Parekh, N., & Pollock, A. M. (2010). Preventing injury in children and adolescents. Trauma, 12(4), 221-238.