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A research study which indicates that parental emotion coaching may help children who experience difficulties in peer relationships:
Buckholdt, K. E., Kitzmann, K. M., & Cohen, R. (2014). Parent emotion coaching buffers the psychological effects of poor peer relations in the classroom. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 33(1), 23-41.

A review paper on the nature of child temperament and its relation to later developmental outcomes:
Rothbart, M. K. (2007). Temperament, development, and personality. Current Developments in Psychological Science, 16(4), 207-212.

A recent longitudinal study on the relationship between mother–child attachment and later peer relations:
Seibert, A., & Kerns, K. (2015). Early mother–child attachment: Longitudinal prediction to the quality of peer relationships in middle childhood. International Journal of Behavioral Development, 39(2), 130-138.