PowerPoint Slides

A full set of chapter-by-chapter PowerPoints are provided to assist your teaching of Global Shift.

Chapter 1 - What in the World Is Going On?

Chapter 2 - The Centre of Gravity Shifts: Transforming the Geographies of the Global Economy

Chapter 3 - Tangled Webs: Unravelling Complexity in the Global Economy

Chapter 4 - Technological Change: ‘Gales of Creative Destruction’

Chapter 5 - Transnational Corporations: The Primary Movers and Shapers of the Global Economy

Chapter 6 - The State Really Does Matter

Chapter 7 - The Uneasy Relationship between TNCs and States: Dynamics of Conflict and Collaboration

Chapter 8 - 'Capturing Value' within Global Production Networks

Chapter 9 - 'Destroying Value'? Environmental Impacts of Global Production Networks

Chapter 10 - Winning and Losing: Where You Live Really Matters

Chapter 11 - Making the World a Better Place

Chapter 12 - 'Making Holes in the Ground': The Extractive Industries

Chapter 13 - 'We Are What We Eat': The Agro-Food Industries

Chapter 14 - 'Fabric-ating Fashion': The Clothing Industries

Chapter 15 - 'Wheels of Change': The Automobile Industry

Chapter 16 - 'Making the World Go Round': Advanced Business Services

Chapter 17 - 'Making the Connections, Moving the Goods': Logistics and Distribution Services