Chapter 3: Finding data

‘Finding and Accessing Data at ICPSR’

Question 1: Why is looking at the codebook and questionnaire for surveys important before downloading a dataset?

Answer 1: Because you want to check whether the dataset has the variables and responses you are interested in exploring.

‘Wait, ICPSR Has That?’

Question 1: What are some examples of non-standard data at the ICPSR?

Answer 1: Data on dancers, orchestra repertoires, operas, college catalogs, course evaluations, sensors, crime and policing, etc.

‘What is the Harvard Dataverse Repository?’

Question 1: What is the point of dataverse?

Answer 1: To allow researchers and users the ability to easily share, preserve, cite, explore and analyse data; follow FAIR principles.

Question 2: What does an individual dataverse contain?

Answer 2: Datasets, metadata, documentation and code.