Chapter 8: Data visualization

‘Learn R: An Introduction to ggplot2’

Question 1: What is the difference between exploratory and explanatory data visualization?

Answer 1: Exploratory data viz is easy to generate, data-heavy and intended for small specialized audiences. Explanatory data viz are labour-intensive, data-specific and intended for a broader audience; they are more focused on visually communicating results.

Question 2: What is the benefit of looking at data visualization in addition to standard statistical analysis?

Answer 2: Because data viz allows for a richer understanding of relationships beyond just the statistical numeric outputs, as demonstrated by the Anscombe plots.

‘ggplot2 Tutorial: Grammar of Graphics’

Question 1: What are the two key principles of data graphics/visualizations?

Answer 1: Graphics are distinct layers of grammatical elements and meaningful plots are built around appropriate aesthetic mappings.

Question 2: What are the three essential elements of data graphics/visualizations?

Answer 2: The data, aesthetics and geometries.

‘ggplot2 Tutorial: ggplot2 Layers’

Question 1: What is the fundamental understanding of how ggplot2 plots work?

Answer 1: That they are layers of grammatical elements.

Question 2: What is the first layer to a ggplot2 plot?

Answer 2: The data.