Learning Objectives

  1. Know the three categories of crimes of official misconduct and the reason why it is important to punish the corrupt conduct of public officials.
  2. Understand the elements of the crime of bribing a public official.
  3. Appreciate the requirements for proving extortion and the differences between bribery and extortion.
  4. Understand the elements of perjury and some of the rules of evidence involved in proving perjury.
  5. Know acts constituting obstruction of justice.
  6. Understand the circumstances in which an individual is entitled to resist an arrest.
  7. Appreciate the elements of compounding a crime, and why this is a criminal offense.
  8. Understand the intent and act requirements of the crime of escape.
  9. Know the difference between civil and criminal contempt, between direct and indirect criminal contempt, and between judicial and legislative contempt. Understand the intent and act requirements for criminal contempt.