Learning Objectives

  1. Understand actus reus and mens rea and the requirement of concurrence.
  2. Appreciate the difference between voluntary and involuntary acts.
  3. Understand status offenses.
  4. Know the circumstances in which an individual may be held liable for a failure to act.
  5. Know the definition of possession and the different types of possession.
  6. Appreciate the difference between specific intent, general intent, and constructive intent.
  7. Know the difference between purposely, knowingly, recklessly, and negligently—the criminal intents established by the Model Penal Code.
  8. Know the definition of a strict liability offense.
  9. Understand transferred intent.
  10. Know the significance of the concept of causality and the definition of cause in fact, proximate cause, intervening cause, coincidental intervening cause, and responsive intervening cause.