Chapter 11: Working with Diversity and Difference

Learning Objectives

This chapter examines how people might be socially, culturally and philosophically positioned in life and how, as a consequence, they may experience the society in which they are embedded. It discusses how counsellors and psychotherapists need to be aware of issues discrimination, diversity and difference and our own 'position' in relation to it.

Reflection Questions

  • What are your own 'positions' in relation to these issues, including your own values, beliefs, and potential biases or prejudices, when dealing with a client who has brought issues relating to race, sexuality, religion, gender, ethnicity or disability (for example)?

With these questions in mind, watch the following videos:

Divine Charura discusses issues in trans-cultural work, such as feelings of distress that can be caused by feeling or having been subjected to racism, homophobia, and other types of prejudice


Tim Bond discusses trustworthiness and resilience

Scenarios illustrating trustworthiness and resilience