Chapter 9: The Therapeutic Relationship

Learning Objectives

This chapter considers what is meant by therapist competence, including personal and professional qualities, as well as considering the use of competency frameworks in counselling and psychotherapy. 

Reflection Questions

  • What are the core skills that are typically evident in most therapy relationships? 
  • How do you develop and implement these skills?

With these questions in mind, watch the following videos:

Mick Cooper discusses why particular counselling skills are useful, and how to evaluate which skills to use when and why

Mick Cooper discusses open-ended questions and gives examples

Mick Cooper describes and gives examples of the skills of reflecting, paraphrasing and summarizing

Mick Cooper discusses the importance of empathy in counselling

Andrew Reeves discusses paraphrasing and summarizing

Andrew Reeves discusses reflecting

Andrew Reeves discusses questioning

Andrew Reeves discusses giving feedback

Scene illustrating therapy becoming a chat

Supervision assitance: ethical dilemmas in clinical supervision

Andrew Reeves discusses challenging