Gilbert, Agent-Based Models, 2e

In Agent-Based Models, Nigel Gilbert reviews a range of examples of agent-based modeling, describes how to design and build your own models, and considers practical issues such as verification, validation, planning a modeling project, and how to structure a scholarly article reporting the results of agent-based modeling. It includes a glossary, an annotated list of resources, advice on which programming environment to use when creating agent-based models, and a worked, step-by-step example of the development of an ABM.

Key Features

  • Aimed at readers who are new to ABM
  • Offers a brief, but thorough, treatment of a cutting-edge technique
  • Offers practical advice about how to design and create ABM
  • Includes carefully chosen examples from different disciplines

Resources from the book are available below:

NetLogo Program File:

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Commentary on the Program

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We gratefully acknowledge Nigel Gilbert for writing an excellent text and providing these materials.