Bai & Clark: Propensity Score Methods

A concise, introductory text, Propensity Score Methods and Applications describes propensity score methods (PSM) and how they are used to balance the distributions of observed covariates between treatment conditions as a means to reduce selection bias. This new QASS title specifically focuses on the procedures of implementing PSM for research in social sciences, instead of merely demonstrating the effectiveness of the method. 


The following resources are available for download:

Answers to Study Questions

Answers to Study Questions Chapter 1

Answers to Study Questions Chapter 2

Answers to Study Questions Chapter 3

Answers to Study Questions Chapter 4

Demonstration Coding R and SAS code

R demo for Chapter 2, 3, & 4.R


SAS demo for Chapter


Data Set for demonstrations using R and SAS



Data Set for Study Questions

First Year Seminar.csv

First Year Seminar.sav