Pampel, Logistic Regression, 2e

Logistic Regression: A Primer helps readers understand the intuitive logic behind logistic regression through nontechnical language and simple examples. In the Second Edition, Fred C. Pampel presents results from several statistical packages to help interpret the meaning of logistic regression coefficients, presents more detail on variations in logistic regression for multicategory outcomes, and describes some potential problems in interpreting logistic regression coefficients.

A companion website includes the three data sets and Stata, SPSS, and R commands needed to reproduce all the tables and figures in the book.

Resources from the book are available below:

Data sets and Stata, SPSS, and R commands to reproduce all tables and figures in the book:

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Pampel Logistic Regression Primer


We gratefully acknowledge Fred C. Pampel for writing an excellent text and providing these materials.