Understanding the process

Examples of TA reports

Here we have two original papers that have used TA.

To download the PDF, click on the article citation. You can also download an abridged, reflective version with commentary from the papers’ authors. These are designed to unpack and illuminate not only different forms of TA, but the active thinking and decisions researchers undergo. 

Anderson, S., & Clarke, V. (2019). Disgust, shame and the psychosocial impact of skin picking: Evidence from an online support forum. Journal of Health Psychology, 24(13), 1773-1784.

Anderson and Clarke reflective commentary

This provides a more experiential/inductive approach to reflexive TA.

Beres, M. A., & Farvid, P. (2010, June 1, 2010). Sexual ethics and young women’s accounts of heterosexual casual sex. Sexualities, 13(3), 377-393.

Beres and Farvid reflective commentary

This provides a more constructionist/deductive approach to reflexive TA.