1.1. 'Men and healthy eating' dataset

This dataset is particularly useful for postgraduate students.

The four articles below include a weblink to the original article, and a reader-friendly Word version:

Helps you find out how much carbohydrate, protein and fat you should be eating and when.

A balanced diet for men – reader-friendly version

Explains the many benefits of healthy eating for men.
Healthy Eating for Men – reader-friendly version

Provides tips on how to create a healthy diet plan, from shopping to cooking.
How to Create a Healthy Diet Plan – reader-friendly version

Explains the fundamentals of healthy eating, and gives tips on how to implement it into your lifestyle.
What is 'healthy eating' – reader-friendly version

1.2. 'Childfree' dataset

The full (anonymised) ‘childfree’ dataset is used as the basis for the worked examples in Section One and discussed in Chapter Seven.

The below files include an 'as captured' original version, and a revised version to aid data readability: