Teaching resources

PowerPoint presentations for teaching

1. A workshop on TA

These slides cover all of the topics that you may wish to cover in running a TA workshop and are taken from the authors' own workshop teaching. 

3. Mapping of Big Q

This is taken directly from the book and in the slides you will find the original version as well as an alt-text version. 

Teaching exercises

These are suggested activities and exercises for workshops, classes or assignments. They are grouped into four presentations depending on their source.

3. Exercises from the book

These exercises and activities are not connected to a specific dataset but are still drawn from the book:

  • Getting started with familiarisation
  • An evaluating analytic claims activity
  • Theoretical assumptions activity
  • Theoretical detection activity
  • Critically evaluating the account of TA in published research activity
  • Critically evaluating a published ‘reflexive TA’ study
4. Exercises from workshops

These exercises and activities are based on Ginny and Victoria’s own teaching. Handouts to accompany these exercises have also been provided on the website (see Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 8 and Chapter 9).

  • Semantic or latent code?
  • Code or theme?
  • Topic summaries or themes?
  • Illustrative or analytic treatment of data extracts?
  • Critically evaluating descriptions of the reflexive TA process in journal articles
  • Reflecting on how the data and analysis have been contextualised and interpreted in published TA reports
  • Which theory of language – reflective, intentional or constructionist?
  •  Evaluating published TA studies

Teaching handouts

The classroom handouts are self-supporting so that students shouldn’t need access to the book or website to complete them.

7. Which theory of language handout