Student Resources

This site is intended to enhance your use of Culture and Identity, Third Edition, by Anita Jones Thomas and Sara E. Schwarzbaum. Please note that all the materials on this site are especially geared toward maximizing your understanding of the material.

  1. For a more real-life, intimate understanding of the life stories, five podcasts and videos relate the stories of Butch, Maribel, Bob, Anthony, and Karen, taped by professional actors, correspond to the stories published in the book. 
  2. EXCLUSIVE! Access to certain full-text SAGE journal articles that have been carefully selected for each chapter. Each article supports and expands on the concepts presented in the chapter. This feature also provides questions to focus and guide student interpretation. Combine cutting-edge academic journal scholarship with the topics in your course for a robust classroom experience.
  3. Additional relevant sources can be assigned to the primary textbook to supplement information in each of the sections of the textbook.
  4. Relevant films of topics including: The Concepts of Culture and Ethnicity, Culture and Research, Basic Processes, Culture and Developmental Processes, Personality, Emotion, and the Self in Cultural Context, Health, Stress, and Coping Across Cultures, Culture and Social Behavior, Intergroup Relations, and Intercultural Interaction.