Video and Audio Resources


Julie's Story Video Clips

Early Cultural Socialization (2:43)

Pre-encounter, Pre-awareness Attitudes (3:33)

Cultural Confusion- Initial Encounter (2:56)

Experiences with Racism (6:16)

Cultural Immersion: Anger and Revenge (8:28)

Internalization: Integrating Racial Identity Into Self-Concept (7:41)



Butch's Story: Who Am I?

Developing racial identity can be complicated for individuals because they must balance self-perceptions, stereotypes and biases, and socialization processes. Racial identity development is more difficult for people with multiple or mixed racial backgrounds. Butch’s story describes this complex process, which occurs with people of mixed racial heritage. The listener should pay close attention to the negotiation process that must occur with each component of Butch’s racial background, including acceptance from various racial groups, pressures to accommodate to particular racial groups, and intragroup oppression from racial groups.


Maribel's Story: When Are You Going to Have Kids?

Ethnicity is associated with nationality and country of origin. Examining ethnicity provides clues about individuals’ values, beliefs, and behaviors and often yields more information than race, particularly on intragroup differences. This is critical in working with clients of Asian or Latino descent. In this story, Maribel, a Puerto Rican, describes growing up in a poor, Spanish-speaking household; moving around the country; and feeling like a minority everywhere she went. She talks about what she feels was her double life, her pride in her educational accomplishments, and the price she paid for her acculturation and her gender role shifts. As you listen, notice how she experienced the frequent moves of her family as she was growing up and how the exposure to racism affected not only her blended identity but also her decision to become better educated to increase her social status options. Also, notice the losses that came with her gains and how she manages her American identity blended with her identity as a Puerto Rican.