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Violence: The Enduring Problem offers an interdisciplinary and reader-friendly exploration of the patterns and correlations of individual and collective violent acts using the most contemporary research, theories, and cases. Responding to the fear of pervasive violence in the world, authors Alex Alvarez and Ronet Bachman address the various legislative, social, and political efforts to curb violent behavior. The authors expertly incorporate a wide range of current cases to help readers interpret the nature and dynamics of a variety of different, yet connected, forms of violence. The Fourth Edition represents a significant step forward in presenting a more complete and contemporary analysis and discussion of violence. Included in this new edition is a new chapter on hate crime, a new chapter devoted to multicide, and updated discussions on current topical issues, including the #MeToo movement and epigenetics.

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We gratefully acknowledge Alex Alvarez and Ronet Bachman for writing an excellent text. Special thanks are also due to Marianne Hudson for developing the resources on this site.