Video and Multimedia

Web Resources

Web Link 10.1: 9/11 Attacks—Facts & Summary

Description: On this History.Com website there is a video time line, related videos, and an article detailing the events that unfolded on 9/11/01.

Web Link 10.2: ISIS Goes Global: 90 Attacks in 21 Countries Have Killed Nearly 1,400 People

Description: CNN reports on and maps out ISIS attacks around the world. This story is periodically updated with new information. The most recent update was published on April 12, 2016.

Web Link 10.3: The FBI

Description: The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) defines itself as “an intel-driven national security and law enforcement agency, providing leadership and making a difference for more than a century.” On this page, the FBI discusses terrorism and provides various links to terrorism topics.

Web Link 10.4: How the Changing Media Is Changing Terrorism

Description: Jason Burke compiles this report regarding terrorists’ use of media, and just like news organizations, terrorists need an audience—and both have adapted their tactics to keep your attention.

Video Resources

Video Link 10.1: Benedetta Berti: The Surprising Way Groups Like ISIS Stay in Power

Description: Benedetta Berti is an expert on political violence, civil war and security—especially in the Middle East. She has spent a decade researching nonstate armed groups—from terrorists to insurgents to militias—and works with governments and nongovernmental organizations to offer new approaches for conflict resolution

Video/Web Link 10.2: After Slaughter, Bangladesh Reels at Revelations About Attackers

Description: New York Times reporters Julfikar Ali Manik and Geeta Anand authored this article regarding the July 1, 2016 terrorist attack in Bangladesh.

Video Link 10.3: How Young People Join Violent Extremist Groups-And How to Stop Them

Description: Erin Marie Saltman discusses the push and pull factors that cause people to join extremist groups and explains innovative ways of preventing and countering radicalization.

Audio Resources

Audio Link 10.1: Women in ISIS In ‘Guest House for Young Widows’

Description: NPR’s Lulu Garcia-Navarro talks with reporter Azadeh Moaveni about her book Guest House for Young Widows. It follows some of the girls who joined the Islamic State.

Audio Link 10.2: Domestic Terrorism in the Wake of The Weekend Mass Shootings

Description: This story takes a harder focus emerges on racism and white supremacy in the aftermath of the massacre in El Paso, Texas.