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Web/Video Link 9.1: Ferguson Struggles to Grasp Why Protests Turned Violent

Description: In this USA Today story, they examine the shooting of Michael Brown by Ferguson Missouri police officer Darren Wilson. The crowd turned violent after the grand jury acquitted Officer Wilson.

Video/Web Link 9.2: Arab Spring Aftermath: Revolutions Give Way to Violence, More Unrest

Description: CNN reporter Greg Botelho details how the Arab Spring was supposed to bring peace, democracy, and stability to not only the nations where it took root but also others around it in the Middle East and North Africa. In this article, he looks at some countries that were part of the Arab Spring and what’s happened since.

Web Link 9.3: Race, Rap, and the LAPD

Description: The recurring rhythm of L.A.’s west-side rap presents a political perspective of a racist and oppressive LAPD—a viewpoint rooted in the department’s history of racial relations and policing practices.

Web Link 9.4: The Murder of Emmett Till

Description: Emmett Till was a 14-year-old boy who in 1955, during the Jim Crow era, was taken from his relatives’ home and brutally beaten and then shot in the head for supposedly whistling at a white woman in Mississippi. In this PBS special, you find out how his horrific murder acted as a spark for the Civil Rights Movement.

Video/Web Link 9.5: Police Say the Actions of the Vigilantes Can Be Damaging to Abuse Victims as well as Innocent People Wrongly Suspected

Description: In this video and article, Robert Booth covers the vigilantes who are using social media to target pedophiles.

Audio Resources

Audio Link 9.1: Utah Vigilantism: List of Alleged Illegals Distributed

Description: Vigilantism in the American west is nothing new though there appears to be a novel wrinkle coming out of Utah.

Audio Link 9.2: Bills Across the Country Could Increase Penalties for Protesters

Description: This story details the steps being taken by lawmakers across the country to increase penalties for protesters.