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Web Link 12.1: Preventing Multiple Forms of Violence: A Strategic Vision for Connecting the Dots

Description: This is a publication of the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The purpose of this publication is to promote understanding and to address the interconnections between the different forms of violence—child abuse and neglect, youth violence, intimate partner violence, sexual violence, elder abuse, and suicidal behavior.

Video/Web Link 12.2: Dating Matters®

Description: Dating Matters®: Strategies to Promote Healthy Teen Relationships is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s teen dating violence prevention initiative. CDC developed Dating Matters®, a comprehensive teen dating violence prevention initiative based on the current evidence about what works in prevention. Dating Matters® focuses on 11 to 14 year olds in high-risk, urban communities. It includes preventive strategies for individuals, peers, families, schools, and neighborhoods.

Video Resources

Video Link 12.1: How Prisons Can Help Inmates Live Meaningful Lives

Description: Dan Pacholke, deputy secretary for the Washington State Department of Corrections, shares a different vision: of prisons that provide humane living conditions as well as opportunities for meaningful work and learning.

Video/Web Link 12.2: CeaseFire: Stopping Violence and Measuring Impact

Description: CeaseFire is an innovative violence prevention organization based at the University of Illinois’s School of Public Health that applies public health principles in its approach to stopping violence.

Video/Web Link 12.3: Chicago Drops CeaseFire From Anti-Violence Strategy

Description: Sara Childress reports for PBS Frontline on how the city of Chicago has cut funding for a model antiviolence program, deciding to focus instead on community policing and other strategies to combat the city’s high murder rate.

Video/Web Link 12.4: A Researcher Explains the Sad Truth: We Know How to Stop Gun Violence. But We Don’t Do It.

Description: Journalist German Lopez reached out to Thomas Abt, a senior research fellow for the Innovation in Citizen Security Project with The Growth Lab at the Center for International Development (CID) at Harvard University and Harvard Kennedy School to get his views on gun issues, how to frame the debate around fighting crime, and what the evidence shows the solutions should be.

Audio Resources

Audio Link 12.1: Gun Violence Prevention Research

Description: NPR’s Rachel Martin speaks with Garen Wintemute, director of the Violence Prevention Research Program at UC Davis, about the shift in people’s behaviors in the aftermath of mass shootings.

Audio Link 12.2: Preventing Mass Violence A Balance Of An Individual’s Rights, Community’s Safety

Description: As governors present their ideas about reducing gun violence and the White House meets with so-called “stakeholders,” NPR looks at how mental health policy fits in. Many advocates and policymakers stress that mental health must be a part of the conversation, but they are short on specifics. Audie Cornish talks with Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman, president-elect of the American Psychiatric Association. The APA took part in the meeting on Wednesday at the White House with Vice President Joe Biden.