SAGE Journal Articles

Nind, M., Wiles, R., Bengry-Howell, A. and Crow, G. (2012), ‘Methodological innovation and research ethics: forces in tension or forces in harmony?’, Qualitative Research, 13 (6): 650–67.

This article examines the link between methodological innovation and research ethics and although it is written in the context of qualitative research, the issues that it raises can be equally applied to quantitative research.

Pierce, R., Chick, H., Watson, J., Les, M. and Dalton, M. (2014), ‘A statistical literacy hierarchy for interpreting educational system data’, Australian Journal of Education, 58 (2): 195–217.

These authors focus on the ability to interpret and evaluate statistical information. They suggest a hierarchical framework that encompasses reading values, comparing values, analysing the dataset as a whole, and interpreting the data in both a professional and local context. Although the article focuses on a teacher’s ability to interpret assessment data, the elements of the hierarchy touch upon a number of aspects in the approaches to data analysis in Kent (2015).