SAGE Journal Articles

Chan, C. and Leung, S. (2014) ‘Lifestyle health behaviors of Hong Kong Chinese: results of a cluster analysis’, Asia-Pacific Journal of Public Health: 1–10.

A good example of the application of cluster analysis. Using data from a survey of 467 Hong Kong Chinese, this study examines clusters of their lifestyle behaviours using a two-step cluster analysis. The analysis revealed two clusters, representing a ‘healthy’ and a ‘less-healthy’ lifestyle group. The latter group was predominantly male, younger, employed, and had high-to-middle levels of education.

Usip, E. and Bee, R (1998) ‘A discriminant analysis of students’ perceptions of web-based learning’, Social Science Compute Review, 16 (1): 16–29.

A good example of the application of discriminant analysis. This technique was used to profile those students enrolled in undergraduate economic statistics classes at Youngstown State University who did and did not use web-based instruction as a supplement to the traditional classroom-based approach. The profiles were based on 17 five-point Likert-type statements included in a questionnaire.