SAGE Journal Articles

De Rycker, T. (2001) ‘Analysing tables, graphs, and charts: a four-step approach’, Business Communication Quarterly, 64 (4): 72–82.

De Rycker reminds us that in analysing tables, graphs and charts, we must (a) study the data and (b) communicate the data. To assist, he suggests that students should focus on four steps: orientation, generalization, explanation and exploration. These steps hint at the approaches to data analysis suggested in Chapter 3 in Kent (2015). This article is well worth a close read.

Orlitzsky, M. (2012) ‘How can significance tests be deinstitutionalized?’ Organizational Research Methods, 15 (2): 199–228.

This article clearly outlines the problems with null hypothesis significance testing and suggests that there need to be changes in the research culture to wean researchers off using them.