SAGE Journal Articles

Plano Clark, V., Anderson, N., Wertz, J. Zhou, Y., Schumacher, K. and Miaskowski, C. (2014) ‘Conceptualizing longitudinal mixed methods designs: a methodological review of health sciences research’, Journal of Mixed Methods Research, 8 (1): 1–23.

Plano Clark is one of the authors for the recommended reading above. These authors have taken the arguments about mixed methods somewhat further by examining empirical articles that combined longitudinal approaches with mixed methods in the health sciences. There is a clear discussion of research designs for such research and of the complexities and issues that arise. Note particularly, in their discussion at the end of the article, their suggestions for implementation.

Van der Roest, J., Spaaij, R. and van Bottenburg, M. (2015) ‘Mixed methods in emerging academic subdisciplines: the case of sport management’, Journal of Mixed Methods Research, 9 (1): 70–90.

The authors searched 2,536 articles in the top four sports management journals for evidence of the use of mixed methods and found 43 such articles. These were analysed in depth, showing, for example, the rationales used for deploying mixed methods, data collection methods, sequencing and type of mixing.