Discussion Questions

  • Given all of the technology employed to keep the United States safe and secure, discuss how safe you currently feel, on a scale of one (very unsafe) to ten (completely safe).
  • Should the NSA, with approval from a court, be able to keep every telephone conversation you have had in the last year, as well as every text message sent and received?
  • Do you believe the evidence is beginning to demonstrate there is a Fifth Wave of terrorism?  Yes, no and support your answer with evidence from reputable sites, not Wikipedia.
  • Should the government be required to get a search warrant before conducting Remote Biometric Surveillance on someone?  For a day?  For a month?  For a year?
  • Based on material presented do you believe that Cyber Threats have been adequately addressed by the federal government? 
  • What is the primary factor that allows the Chinese government to retain power?
  • Why did scholars conclude, wrongly, that Tunisia and Egypt regimes were durable only to see them collapse?
  • Is there a notion of middle-class discontent in China?
  • In this section, one of the predictions on the future is that China it will shrink and stop growing.  If that occurs, should the Chinese government worry, based on this article?  Why or Why not.