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  • Global Terrorism Database  
    Presents the history of the Global Terrorism Database. Began in 2001 when researchers at the University of Maryland obtained a large database originally collected by the Pinkerton Global Intelligence Services (PGIS).
  • Timeline of Terrorism 
    To understand the terrorist mind-set that has evolved from the Middle East region—from which today's greatest threats stem—we must first examine the historical background that set the stage for the events that would unfold over several generations, from biblical times to modern day, with the hopes this comprehensive reference will aid in disaster preparedness and threat-mitigation education.
  • Terrorism Guide Website 
    The US National Counterterrorism Center is pleased to present the Terrorism Guide Website. This site contains many features across the full range of issues pertaining to international terrorism: terrorist groups, wanted terrorists, technical pages on various threat-related topics, and a historic timeline that marks dates that terrorists may believe are important if planning attacks to commemorate particular events.