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    By: Geoffrey Kambere, Puay Hock Goh, Pranav Kumar, Fulgence Msafir 
    Since its formation in 1990, Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) has evolved from a local threat focused against India to a global jihadist threat. While many experts have addressed the operational facets of LeT, its finances have not received commensurate attention. This article aims to redress that gap. It is divided into four major parts. The first part provides a brief history about LeT, including its ideology, organization, training, and operations. The second part focuses on LeT finances: its primary funding sources, methods of moving money, and trends in spending. The third part presents a brief case study of the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks; and in the fourth section, we examine the countermeasures initiated by various actors, weaknesses in the present response, recommendations, and conclusions.
    Combating Terrorism Center, A PROFILE OF TEHRIK-I-TALIBAN PAKISTAN. January 15, 2008
    Author: Hassan Abbas.
  • The Tamil Tigers 
    A brief history of the Tamil Tigers. By Kate Pickert .  Sunday, Jan. 04, 2009.