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  • Introduction to Terrorism: Typology, Targets, and Organizations 
    According to Dr. Nadav Morag, "as with any other phenomenon, researchers and policy analysts who attempt to study terrorism are faced with the problem of defining the nature and boundaries of the phenomenon in question." In this introduction to terrorism presentation, Dr. Morag emphasizes the typology, targets, and organizations associated therein. He suggests that there are four basic methods to defining terrorism; based on the act itself, on those who carry it out, on the root cause for the violence perpetrated by the terrorists, or on the nature of the policy response to the terrorism. Some argue, even, that terrorism need not be violent. While countries offer national definitions of terrorism, each interpretation reflects the interests and mindsets of the governments that formulated them. Despite these typological discrepancies, Dr. Morag goes on to analyze the aims, targets, and incentives of various terrorist groups. (25.59 Min).  Center for Homeland Defense and Security Naval Postgraduate School.
  • Dr. Boaz Ganor - The Definition of Terrorism: A Fundamental Counter-Terrorism Measure 
    For the past 30 years, I have been calling for the adoption of an international definition of terrorism. I have done and continue to do so against all odds, and in contradiction to the most commonly-held position of counter-terrorism experts, scholars, legal experts, decision makers and lay leaders. I do so because I genuinely believe that defining terrorism is both crucial and possible, and because I believe that once terrorism has been consensually defined, that definition will become a pillar of much better and more effective international cooperation on counter- terrorism.

    At the recent ICT 13th International Conference: World Summit on Counter-Terrorism, I participated in a workshop addressing this issue. Without exception, my friends and colleagues on the panel pleaded against an effort to define terrorism. I am herewith attaching a video of my closing remarks, which in my view represent the pick of the crop of my tireless efforts to persuade the world of the need to adopt an international definition of terrorism. (22 Min).

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    With sincere thanks and best wishes,

Dr. Boaz Ganor

Ronald Lauder Chair for Counter Terrorism,

Founder & Executive Director, ICT - The International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism,

Deputy Dean, Lauder School of Government, Herzliya, Israel,

The Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya, Israel