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General Resources:

Council of Contemporary Families (CCF) provides brief reports and fact sheets on the latest research on American families for the press and general public.

National Center for Family & Marriage Research at Bowling Green State University provides family profiles, data snapshots, and research briefs on family structure and family well-being.

Sociological Images Course Guide for Family and Society includes links to Sociological Images posts on family topics, including defining families, partnering, childless families, parenting, children, work and family, extended families, race, and class.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Data in the News post from, “The Modern American Family Is More Complex, Less ‘Traditional’”

FactTank post from the Pew Research Center, “It’s No Longer a ‘Leave It to Beaver’ World for American Families—But It Wasn’t Back Then, Either

Photo Essay from CNN, “The Changing Face of Family”

All Things Considered Story, “Three (Parents) Can Be a Crowd, But for Some It’s a Family”

Short explanation of coverture from the National Women’s History Museum

From, “If Someone Has to Change Names Upon Marriage, Why Not the Husband?

Pew Research Center Report, “Multiracial in America.” Site includes video essay