Video and Multimedia

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Brave Old World, from Columbia University School of Journalism, videos, interactive data; demonstrations of aging; animations on how communities will change with aging society

Blog post from the U.S. Census Bureau, “A Gray Revolution in Living Arrangements”

Blog post from the U.S. Census Bureau, “Grandparents Who Live with a Grandchild Are Younger and More Likely to be in Poverty”

Scientific American, “Even Centenarians Are Living Longer”

When Grandma’s House Is Home

Pew Research Center FactTank, “Americans Are Aging, But Not as Fast as People in Germany, Italy, and Japan”

New York Times Op-Doc video, “The Caretaker,” exploring the relationship between an immigrant caretaker and an elderly woman in the last months of her life

Article by sociologist Allison Pugh on New York Times’ Women in the World, “The Burden that Women Take on Far More Than Men Do”

New York Times, the Upshot, “Typical American Lives only 18 Miles from Mom”

Pew Research Center report, “Family Support in Graying Societies”

Contexts article, “Would You Empty Your Bank Account for …” on intergenerational transfers

Generations United, an advocacy group for multigenerational families. Has annual reports and policy recommendations

NPR series on multigenerational families and financial decisions

New York Times feature, “Together Again: Multigenerational Households on the Upswing”

Kaiser Family Foundation video, “Old and Poor: America’s Forgotten”

Population Reference Bureau report, “Aging Baby Boomers to Face Caregiving, Obesity, Inequality Challenges”

Pew Research Center FactTank, “5 Facts about Family Caregivers”

The Atlantic article, “What Aging Parents Want from Their Kids”