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Invisibilia podcast, “Fearless”. Opening story is about changes in how parents supervise children from 1970s to today

Pew Research Center report, “Parenting in America”

Council on Contemporary Families brief report, “Child-rearing Norms and Practices in Contemporary American Families”

Kids Count Data Center

The Atlantic photo essay, “Children of Gay Parents Speak for Themselves”

The Atlantic article, “All Joy and No Fun: Why Parents Hate Parenting” on the increasing demands of “good” parenting

Pew Research Center FactTank post, “Share of Births to Unmarried Women Dips, Reversing a Long Trend”

New York Times, the Upshot, “Single Motherhood, in Decline Over All, Rises for Women 35 and Older”

New York Times, the Upshot, “Class Differences in Child-rearing Are on the Rise” 

Office Hours podcast with Annette Lareau on Unequal Childhoods

Pacific Standard, “Wealth or Good Parenting?”

The Atlantic article, “What Ruth Bader Ginsburg Taught Me about Being a Stay-at-Home Dad”

NPR All Things Considered Story, “To Model Manhood, Immigrant Dads Draw from Two Worlds”

Center for American Progress, “How Today’s Immigration Enforcement Policies Impact Children, Families, and Communities”

Gender & Society blog, “Can More Full-time Fathers and Breadwinner Mothers Unstall the Revolution?”

The Economist article, “Choose Your Parents Wisely”

Science of Us, “As You Suspected, Your Parents Absolutely Do Have a Favorite Child”

The Society Pages blog, “For Successful Kids, It’s Family Stability over Family Structure”

Pew Research Center report, “Childlessness Falls, Family Size Grows among Highly Educated Women”

Pew Research Center FactTank, “Black Child Poverty Rate Holds Steady, Even as Other Groups See Declines”

Contexts article, “The Single Mother by Choice Myth”

Pacific Standard, “Wealth or Good Parenting?”

The Medium, “The Challenges of Parenting While LGBTQ”

Contexts, “Learning to Parent Transgender Children”

Sociologist Amy Blackstone’s blog, “We’re {not} Having a Baby: Childfree Adventures in a Child-centric World”