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Sociological Images Post, “Before Love: Puritan Beliefs about Sex and Marriage”

A humorous history of marriage from comedian and activist Matt Baume

Sociological Images, “On This Day: A Historic Marriage Certificate,” discussing an early state-issued marriage certificate for former slaves in 1866

“Meet the Patels,” a documentary with actor Ravi Patel that chronicles his negotiation of American love norms and his immigrant parents’ desire to find him an Indian spouse

Blog post from U.S. Census Bureau, “Marrying Older, But Sooner?”

Pew Research Center report, “The Decline of Marriage and Rise of New Families.” Interactive data.

Pew Research Center report, “The Rise of Intermarriage” 

NPR Code Switch, “Marriage Rates Are Falling, And For Some Faster Than Others”

From FiveThirtyEight blog, data on marriage, “Marriage Isn’t Dead – Yet”

New York Times article on class gap in marriage, “Two Classes, Divided by ‘I Do’”

Contests feature article, “Marrying across Class Lines”

The Atlantic article, “The Science of Cohabitation: A Step towards Marriage, not a Rebellion”

History of the Movement for Same-Sex Marriage, from Freedom to Marry

Contexts Symposium, “After Marriage Equality”

New York Times article and video, “Among the Navajos, A Renewed Debate about Gay Marriage”

New York Times feature, “The Same-Sex Couple Who Got a Marriage License in 1971”

PRI story, “Old Custom, New Couples: Gay Indians Are Having Arranged Marriages”