Case Studies

Case Study

Leon is 8 years old and has recently been sent to live with his grandmother following the death of his father. His mother is an alcoholic and most days is unable to get Leon ready for school.  His teacher has alerted Social Services and has requested an assessment by an educational psychologist (EP) as she feels his emotional needs are impacting negatively on his learning. The family have been allocated a social worker who has already visited Leon’s mother and grandmother and visited his home. Following an assessment by the EP, a referral has been made to the Speech and Language Therapy Service because of concerns expressed by the EP that Leon might be on the Autistic Spectrum; Leon has also been referred by the EP to the paediatrician at the local hospital to check on his physical health and to seek a formal assessment for possible Autistic Spectrum Disorder. It has been agreed by all professionals now involved that a case meeting should be held at Leon’s school where all the professionals can meet, along with Leon’s mother and grandmother, to agree on a way forward for Leon and his family.   


Consider how the professionals might formulate their findings into one accessible and useful report and how they might involve Leon’s grandmother whilst keeping Leon’s mother and Leon at the very centre of any decision making. What practical barriers might they experience in doing this?

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