Marketing Communications Management

The resources on this companion website aim to help make the learning and teaching experi­ence for both students and tutors as effective as possible.

Student resources

Students are provided with a range of resources within the book (as outlined above) and on the companion website. The website provides additional resources to help promote learning, skills and competencies. These include:

  • video feeds and other web links. These are provided to direct students (tutors) to additional resources for further research and study which is either directed by the tutor or conducted independently.
  • longer case studies, many of which are about real brands, products and services. These are provided to help develop ideas, concepts and issues from each of the chapters of the book. The case studies help develop evaluation and analysis skills in terms a diverse range of organisations from small and large companies to not-for-profit and public sectors contexts.
  • Sage journal articles for further reading in the relevant chapters. These are provided via links to the Sage Journals website. These support and expand upon concepts and points made in each chapter and can be used for further research and study which is either directed by the tutor or conducted independently.
  • a larger glossary of key terms for each chapter. This helps students reflect on the various chapters and understand the key concepts, ideas and issues in each.

Lecturing and seminar resources

The additional materials available to tutors are provided to help them facilitate learning, skills and competencies. A tutor is able to use materials directly or customise them for particular purposes by including and/or excluding certain materials by adopting and then adapting the materials and approach to the lecture or seminar. This allows them to aug­ment what is in each chapter of the book with additional resources from the companion website or from their own sources and resources. These include:

  •  a tutor manual. This includes a set of lecture notes that, chapter by chapter, help tutors assemble from the book and the companion website what is needed for a particular lecture or seminar. The manual suggests a number of creative approaches that help the tutor integrate all of the available materials into a dynamic learning experience.
  •  PowerPoint presentation slides. These can bring classroom lectures and seminar discussions to life with essential content from the book that can be adjusted to fit with the tutor’s own style.