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Food for Thought Article

Article 1: Von Hirsch, A. (1990). The ethics of community-based sanctionsCrime and Delinquency, 36(1), 162-173. DOI: 10.1177/0011128790036001011

Article 2: Worrall, A. (2000) ‘What Works at One Arm Point? A Study in the Transportation of a Penal Concept’, Probation Journal 47(4): 243 249. DOI 10.1177/026455050004700403

  1. Why do the programs that work in WA not work in the other areas discussed in the article and vice versa?
  2. Define COGS.
  3. What are the specific characteristics of the indigenous communities in remote areas of Western Australia that make “what works” in western society difficult to implement?

Article 3: Wahl, A. (1966). Federal Probation Belongs with the CourtsCrime and Delinquency, 12(4) 371-376. DOI: 10.1177/001112876601200409

  1. What three important factors are ignored by the proposal to transfer probation to the Department of Justice?
  2. Why does the author feel that probation should remain with the courts?
  3. What are the opinions of judges about the relationship between themselves and probation officers?