Organizational Development (OD) and Organizational Learning

Useful Web Links

OD Within the Xerox Organization.

This video provides a multidisciplinary perspective towards organizational development within the Xerox Corporation. It encompasses an analysis of different perspectives and assessments of hindrances toward change, evaluating the input of organization development consultants, and defines the development of methods for mindset shift within an organization.


30 years of OD

In this recording Geoff Bellman, Edgar Schein, Roger Harrison, Marv Weisbord, and Don Swartz discuss the last 30 years of organizational development


Appreciative Inquiry – AI resources

This site shows what is available and possible applications for each product.



LASA helps you improve your creativity and business effectiveness through developing leadership and innovation through AI. The website contains articles and a glossary of terms.


Organizational Development Network

The OD network is a virtual learning community that develops, supports and inspires practitioners and enhances the body of knowledge in human organization and systems development.


The World Café

The World Café is both a simple methodology and a powerful metaphor for understanding and working with complex issues.


Open Space

OpenSpace online is an internet conference method, taking place in successive phases, in which between 5 – 75 people can simultaneously work on a topic or issue.


Action Science Network

The goal of the Action Science Network is to demonstrate the theory and practice of action science and to connect individuals and groups interested in action science.