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Welcome to the companion website for The Business Student’s Guide to Study and Employability, by Peter Morgan. To support your learning, the companion website resources for this book take a variety of forms and feature:

  • Interactive self-testing activities
  • Videos
  • Group and individual tasks
  • Additional information to download

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About the book:

Written in response to the pressures on universities to produce highly skilled and work-ready graduates and intended to map across a three year business course,  this book contains the study and employability skills students need to succeed as a business student and graduate, from essential study, presentation and leadership skills to practical advice on getting that all-important job after university. Hands-on learning aids offer exercises for group work and self-study.

Readers can expect the book to

  • help them adapt to a new culture and environment by setting out what is expected and what they can expect at university
  • help them bridge the gap between school and university by developing essential study skills such as critical thinking and time management
  • help them develop transferable skills that are sought after by employers including presentation skills, leadership skills and commercial awareness
  • give them practical advice on getting that all-important job after university with chapters on CV writing, job hunting, interviewing and networking, among others.

The book is full of examples drawing on the author’s own personal experience with the final chapter offering words of advice from current graduates and employees working in lots of different sectors all over the world – including US, Europe, China and the UK.

To support your learning, the companion website resources for this book take a variety of forms and feature videos, interactive self-testing activities, group and individual tasks, as well as additional information.

Suitable for any student taking a business degree.


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