Two comparison examination essays

Into the Mind of the Assessor – PART B

This is the second part of a ‘FOR YOU TO DO’ activity.

When trying to develop an understanding of what lecturers are after in coursework, it is really helpful to have a look at the work of others and try to examine what mark might have been given and why.

In the text-based exercise (see PART A), you were asked to give some thought to what you might expect to see from students answering the question below. Having spent some time analysing what we would expect to see in the answer to such a question, we are now in a position to try and see how well we can assess two essays from first-year undergraduate students which were written in answer to this question.

So, remembering the criteria we have discussed above, read the three essays below and write your comments in the assessment form.

What makes the difference between an essay receiving a fail and one receiving a mark of 75%?’

Have a read through the three essays below (which are presented exactly as they were written). Write down the comments might you make if you were the examiner.

Use this ‘For You To Do’ download to record your examiner’s comments for each essay. 

Check your comments against this completed Examiner’s Feedback Form.