Group exercise

Businesses are always searching for new opportunities. These may be developing a current product, thinking up and designing a new product, using a new technology, or being able to expand and grow the business nationally or globally.


You work in a business that makes and sells sandwiches and other lunchtime foods to companies who have no catering facilities of their own. One of your design team has come up with the idea of making gourmet/luxury foods which might appeal to a slightly more exclusive customer. Your team want to ensure that this kind of product will sell well across a variety of local customers.

Your task         

As a team, your task is to evaluate what the best strategies might be to make such products as successful as the others you presently sell (including pork pies, scones, sausage rolls and pizza slices). You need to plan a strategy for supplying this new range of foods to a wide range of companies. You will then be asked to make a 5-minute presentation to your MD to secure the necessary resources.

  1. Come up with at least two different types of gourmet lunchtime foods that you think will appeal to different markets. You can use visual aids if you wish to explain their appeal.
  2. Explain its USP (unique selling point).
  3. Ensure you describe the target market and why your product is particularly suitable.
  4. Describe your basic marketing plan and identify the resources which you think will be needed.

Consider: How are you going to organise your presentation?

                  Who will deliver it and how?

Time: You have 30 minutes to complete the discussion and preparation

           Your presentation should last no more than 5 minutes.