Chapter 5: Crafting a Research Proposal

A.    Checklist for Elements of a Research Proposal

       Have you included:

  • A clear, concise and unambiguous title?
  • A clear, yet brief, summary/abstract?
  • A well-articulated research question/hypothesis?
  • Contextual introduction/background/rationale?
  • A scientific and academic literature review
  • Theoretical perspectives as required?
  • Logical and practical research methods, including methodology, respondents, data collection, analysis?
  • Disclosure of limitations/delimitations?
  • Articulation of ethical considerations?
  • A well-considered timeline?
  • Budgeting/funding as required?
  • References?

B.    Checklist for Writing a Research Proposal

  • Access and refer to successful proposals
  • Find a clear voice for your writing
  • Write tight and concisely
  • Yet, write sufficiently
  • Write for the non-expert
  • Proofread
  • Keep quotes to a minimum
  • Meet all deadlines
  • Be prepared to draft and redraft