Video sequences by Whalley, M. and the Pen Green Team 3rd Edition

Workers and Parents

Pen Green PICL Study Group (links with Chapter 4)

In this clip you see workers and parents viewing some video together and discussing the children’s learning. The group meets weekly for 90 minutes and a video of the children, whose parents attend, is viewed and discussed each week so that provision can be made at home and at nursery, to support and extend each child’s interests.

Planning for Filip

Planning for Filip (links with Chapter 8)

In this clip you see workers making a medium-term plan for a child’s learning, which we refer to as a Possible Lines of Development (or Direction) Plan (PLOD). We would plan in this way for each nursery child emphasizing building on their strengths and interests rather than ‘teaching to fill gaps’. A PLOD might last for a few weeks or longer. Plans are implemented and sometimes the child takes things in a new direction.


Growing Together

Growing Together (links with Chapter 11)

In this clip you see: the process of filming a child and parent during a drop-in group; engaging in a dialogue with the parent whilst viewing the material filmed; images being selected and snatched from the film; and a mini portfolio being produced focusing on the child’s learning for the parent to take home. All of this takes place within the 90 minutes that the group runs.