Web Exercises

  1. Select and review one of the reports by the U.S. Bureau of the Census found at the following site: http://www.census.gov/. Discuss the formatting of the report and the use of tables and graphs. What positive and negative aspects of the report are you able to identify? How well do the tables and graphs follow the tips suggested in chapter 17 of the textbook?
  2. Using the JSTOR website found at: http://www.jstor.org/, research how journals are organized in your field of study (i.e. topic, subfield, etc.). Discuss which journals you would want to consult as practice for a major research study in one of your classes. How would you go about consulting relevant sources to write a literature review and learn more about how earlier studies were designed, as the basis for your own study?
  3. Review the site: http://writingcenter.unc.edu/handouts/literature-reviews/ for how to write a literature review, including its primary components. Afterward, conduct a literature review on a topic in your field of study. Remember to focus your topic and consult appropriate sources for information. Make sure to have a citations page at the end, and follow the proper formatting for your field of study.