Web Exercises

  1. Using the site: http://managementhelp.org/businessresearch/focus-groups.htm, create a fictional focus group in your area of study / interest that you would want to conduct if you have the resources. What would be the specific research questions that you would want to answer through the interviews?
  2. Review the site: http://writing.colostate.edu/guides/guide.cfm?guideid=60 by Colorado State University conducting case studies. Afterward, through follow-up internet research, identify and discuss a specific case study important to your field of study. What knowledge / information did the case study bring to the field?
  3. Using the following site as a reference: http://obssr.od.nih.gov/publications/journal_articles/index.aspx, select an article on how the mixed methods approach was used in the health sciences. What made it an effective strategy for studying that particular area / topic?