Web Resources

Statistical Science Web: Datasets
This site provides numerous examples and sources of data that students may explore for their own studies. Access to raw data is provided for many of the sets, allowing users to conduct their own statistical tests.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
This site examines the concept of regression analysis, by providing the equation, applications and discussion to help students understand its uses in research.

New York University
This website by New York University examines the topic of statistical distributions. It provides detailed information that is useful in enhancing student understanding, including several different types of distributions, along with examples and graphics for each.

About.com Sociology
This website examines important quantitative methods concepts such as variance, standard deviation, and Z-Scores. It provides specific examples, along with links to Sociology journals where these methods are applied in research.

Cities Data
This site contains a collection of data for localities in the United States. Students are able to explore data trends in a variety of policy areas, and better understand how data are analyzed as part of the decision making process.