Chi: Spatial Regression Models

Spatial Regression Models for the Social Sciences shows researchers and students how to work with spatial data without the need for advanced mathematical statistics. Focusing on the methods that are commonly used by social scientists, Guangqing Chi and Jun Zhu explain what each method is and when and how to apply it by connecting it to social science research topics. Throughout the book they use the same social science example to demonstrate applications of each method and what the results can tell us. 

Resources from the book are available below:

The data example of population growth that has been used throughout Chapters 2–7: 

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The data example of poverty that has been used in Chapter 8: 

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A downloadable Appendix, “Moran’s I statistics of explanatory variables by forty spatial weight matrices”

 Chi Appendix B online

Full-color versions of the figures in the book


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We gratefully acknowledge Guangqing Chi and Jun Zhu for writing an excellent text and providing these materials.